Solar PV for New Builds . . .

Many new build projects have to install renewable technologies to meet the strict energy efficiency requirements that are now in place. Increasingly we are being contacted by small builders and self-build projects looking for a cost effective solution to meet the requirements.

There are different challenges with new builds as unlike retrofit projects they cannot be completed in a day or two. They often require the installation of the panels whilst the scaffolding is in place followed by the final connection of the inverter and electrical system a few months later.

We offer a tailor-made solution to builders for these projects as often there is no requirement for us to scaffold the property and often we are asked to co-ordinate with roofers on site especially for in-roof systems.

For the self-build project sometimes there are different options such as solar tiles or in-roof systems that people would prefer for their project. We can source almost any type of solar panel or system so please do not hesitate to ask if there is a bespoke system you require.

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