samsung EHS . . .

Samsung is a global leader in the manufacturing of heat pumps and the Samsung EHS range is a culmination of years of research and development in to what is required from an air source heat pump.
The Samsung EHS monobloc has been designed to be simple to install, configure and most importantly of all easy to use making it the most cost effective solution for domestic heating in our homes.
The EHS system consists of an outdoor unit that contains the hydronic parts which means it will be plumbed into central heating and domestic hot water. These are connected to it without refrigerants being plumbed around the property ensuring a simpler and more straightforward installation without the need of a separate hydro unit.


High Performance at Low Temperature

Samsung EHS is made up of an inverter compressor optimally operated according to the outdoor temperature, offering heating capacity of 90% at -10°C and reliable anti-freezing protection at -20°C


Going Green Renewables are not MCS certified for heat pumps and customers will not be able to gain access to the governments Renewable Heat Incentive following an installation by us.

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