Renewable Heat Incentive . . .

The RHI (Renewable heat incentive) is a grant scheme put in place by the government to encourage the use of renewable technologies over fossil fuels. The purpose of the grant is to make the technologies more affordable by bringing the cost in line with that of fossil fuel heating systems.

Renewable Heat Incentive. The payments will be made quarterly by direct debit for a period of 7 Years.
• RHI payments can be claimed for retrofit or self builds only and not new builds, however it can be claimed if the heat pump is retrofitted after the owner moves in and then RHI can be claimed.
• An energy performance certificate is required to claim the RHI and would need to be done prior to the renewable technology is installed. The certificate will be used to calculate how much you will receive in RHI payments.
• RHI payments will only be made to highly efficient heating systems and an average seasonal efficiency of SPF 2.5 will need to be achieved.
• Claims can only be made on one thermal technology + solar thermal hot water.
• Hybrid systems will be allowed if a heat meter is installed, however you will only receive payments for the renewable heat provided and not the hot water as with an Air Source Heat Pump alone. • An annual maintenance plan will need to be in place for RHI payments to be made.

Once an Air Source Heat Pump has been installed customers will receive 7.3P/kWh of renewable heat energy supplied to the property. This will roughly equate to £300 for a 3 bed semi detached property and £ 800 for a larger 4 Bedroom home.

A full estimation and evaluation of your property will need to be completed to estimate the heat loss and size the heat pump.

Going Green Renewables are not MCS certified for heat pumps and customers will not be able to gain access to the governments Renewable Heat Incentive following an installation by us.

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