Inverters - heartbeat of the system . . .

Whilst the solar panel brand, make and size are certainly important aspects of a solar PV system, sometimes the importance of an inverter is overlooked. When designing a solar system it is easy enough to size the inverter with the panels and get an inverter that will work with the system. At Going Green Renewables we go a step further and not only select the one that works but the one that works most efficiently with the best return on your investment.

System inverters are available with 1 or 2 string varieties that work well with a system on a clear unobstructed roof with no shade. However, if there are shade issues, these may not be the right solution for your property.

If this is the case we may recommend a SolarEdge or micro-inverter system in which a main unit communicates with optimisers or micro-inverters at the back of each panel.

When shade from a tree or chimney affects a panel on a string inverter the panel will stop adding power to the system whilst the rest keep operating as normal until the shade moves away from the panel. With SolarEdge or micro-inverters the affected panel would still be producing power but at a lower level. This means there is a much higher yield from these systems with claims of up to 40% more from the inverter manufacturers on a badly shaded array.

Other benefits include receiving data from each panel in the system, so if one does fail you are aware of it straight away which you would not be with a system inverter. These products come with long warranties for the components installed on the roof usually of 25 years ensuring reliability as well.

If you would like to find out more about inverters and micro-inverters please visit the Energy Saving Trust website - Click Here

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