Installation process from a - z . . .

At Going Green Renewables we offer an all-inclusive personalised service where we take care of every single aspect of the installation for you.

From the point of you contacting us we will estimate a price for your property from Google Earth, answer all your initial questions and provide you with projections on system performance and financial return. If you decide to take it further, the next stage would be a site visit where we measure up the property for the size of the PV system, assess your property's existing wiring and discuss potential sites for the inverter. We will also carry out a shade analysis to see the impact of any trees or other buildings and inspect the structure of the roof to ensure it can take the extra weight of the panels.

If you decide to proceed with the installation we would commission an EPC to be completed as soon as we receive a small deposit of £250. The cost of the EPC will be paid for from the deposit. If your property does not reach level D you may decide not to proceed with the installation as you would receive a lower rate feed-in tariff. At your request we would refund the balance.

If level D is achieved or you are happy to proceed with the lower rate, we would agree on a suitable installation date, usually within 2-3 weeks. We would require access to your property for the day of the installation and possibly two days for more complex properties.

At the end of the install we will provide you with an MCS certificate and a final payment invoice along with your handover manual. We will also help you complete the feed-in tariff forms that you will need to obtain from your electricity provider so you can start receiving payments from the government scheme.

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