Hybrid systems . . .

Hybrid Systems

The beauty of a hybrid system is the ability to retrofit it onto older properties without the costly expense of upgrading the entire heating system. We simply install the Air source heat pump outside and connect it onto the flow and return of the existing heating system.

Although we don't gain any hot water from the heat pump we will take care of the vast majority of the heating. The exact amount is dependent on each property and a heat loss calculation would need to be completed to estimate this. The RHI payments can still be claimed for a hybrid system which means the payback is quick especially for properties with Oil or LPG heating systems.

How does it work?

Once we have completed a heat loss calculation for a building we will understand how well your property retains heat and how it will work with a heat pump. We take this information and we can then work out that when the ambient temperature outside reaches -2 °C for example then the heat pump and radiators installed will not work well enough to maintain a comfortable temperature in the home. So we will set the heat pump up in a way that when the temperature outside drops to -1°C the heat pump will switch off and turn the boiler on so that the heat load of the property can be met. When the temperature outside rises then the heat pump will again take over and provide the homes heating once more.

The benefits to this are a lower installation cost as well as reducing the heating cost of the property and extending the life of the existing boiler as it runs a lot less of the time.

Going Green Renewables are not MCS certified for heat pumps and customers will not be able to gain access to the governments Renewable Heat Incentive following an installation by us.

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