Hot water from solar PV . . .

One of the better innovations in solar technology in recent years has been the introduction of solar electric immersion heater controllers. These devices are quite simple in principal as they measure power that you are not using within the property (exporting to the grid) and divert this to the immersion heater which heats the hot water until it reaches a certain temperature.

The vast majority of domestic premises will receive deemed export payments from the electricity supplier and do not have the exported energy measured. This means they will be paid for 50% of all generated power in export payments whether they use it or not. The excess power is fed on to the grid to be used on the network and is no longer available to the owner of the PV system. With the immersion heater controllers this power is now stored in the hot water cylinder increasing the benefits to the homeowner. Although there are numerous manufacturers of the immersion heater controllers our preferred option is the Solic 200 by Earthwise products.

The award-winning SOLiC 200 automatically converts energy generated by existing PV panels into hot water by diverting excess solar power to the immersion heater before it is exported to the national grid. Simple to use and maintenance free, the SOLiC 200 is self-contained, easy to install and can save the homeowner hundreds of pounds over the course of a year.

The SOLiC 200 is made in Britain;
• The SOLiC 200 includes a 10-year return-to-base guarantee;
• The SOLiC 200 operates with a zero export threshold;
• The SOLiC 200 checks for excess solar power 20 times a second;
• The SOLiC 200 has a hard-wired mains-powered sensor to ensure maximum reliability.

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