Feed In Tariffs . . .

Feed In Tariff

The feed-in tariff is guaranteed by the government for 20 years. Payments are tax free and will also increase in line with inflation.There are three different ways a PV system will benefit you.


Generation tariff

You will be paid by your electricity supplier for every unit of electricity that your system generates, whether you use it or not. This is measured by an OFGEM approved electricity meter that will be installed with your system.


Export tariff

You will also get paid for electricity that you don't use in the form of the export tariff. On systems of 4kW or less you will be paid the current export rate for half of the energy that has been generated.


Electricity savings

On average customers use around 50% of the electricity that is generated by the solar PV system. Because you are no longer completely dependent on the national grid this results in a saving on your electricity bill. For the latest information on the feed-in tariff and to use the Energy Savings Trust solar calculator click here.

To benefit from the higher rate feed in tariff your property will be required to have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) of D or above. Going Green Renewables will arrange for an EPC to be carried out and assist you in obtaining level D where this is possible.

Once the installation is commissioned we will assist you with completing your feed in tariff forms and provide you with the relevant documentation including your MCS certificate.

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